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Contact tube/Annealing hub for multi-wire resistance annealer machine
Take-up of filter cloth: saham
Adapted work: 45#steel tubes coated nickel
Filtering accuracy: Samp Niehoff Frigeco Sictra Henrich Eurodraw  Pioneer
Filtering mode: Yes
Motor: 160x145x160mm
Thickness of nickel plate: up to 2mm

Contact tube or nickel tubes are highly wear parts for the multi-wire resistance annealer machines.

Our tubes with materials 45#steel tube coated nickel, the thickness of the nickel up to 3mm   which leads to lower endurance and machine downtimes , drop the machine maintenance and minimize some special other risks.

Our products fit Frigeco/ Niehoff/ Samp/ Sictra/ Henrich/ Eurodraw and other wire machines, meanwhile, in various dimensions for customer request.

Our nickel coated steel hubs are with competitive prices alternative to solid nickel tubes.

The features:

High accuracy achieved

High conductivity

specific demands possible

Fine surface finish (Surface roughness:Ra:0.2-0.4)

dynamic balancing included