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copper coil spreader

Unit Price
Take-up of filter cloth saham
works copper
Filtering accuracy Hoisting of copper coil for close take-up
Motor SAM-T-2
Thickness of nickel plate Close wire spreader SAM-T-2

I. application: used for hoisting of tightly closed copper coil

Two, function principle:

By using the lever principle, when the copper coil is lifted, the internal tensioning device is tightly rubbed against the copper wire to ensure that the copper wire is lifted safely. Because the hydraulic cylinder is not used, the tensioning is completed while lifting, and when the copper wire is lowered, the tensioning device is automatically closed so as to be conveniently lifted from the copper coil.

Three, design features and technical advantages:

In view of the existing German copper coil lifting sling and Italy copper coil crane, the following design features and advantages are included:

1. it is time-consuming to use the hydraulic jack to make the hanger, and the sling can save the hoisting time

2. because hydraulic jack is easy to damage, so it may cause copper wire to fall off, the industry already has the user to cause the safety accident of worker's injury. This lever principle is used to design it with great tensioning force to ensure that it does not fall off.

3. because no jack is used, there is no damage to the components, and the hydraulic jacks are not needed to be purchased frequently, so the manufacturing costs of the enterprises can be greatly saved.

4., the installation of hanging leather screws or glue fixed, to ensure that it does not fall off, and enhance durability.

5. the structure of the special design can be matched with the original copper turning machine, without replacing the turnover machine

(formerly the Italy import sling used by a Guangdong Taiwan factory was not matched with the original turning machine because of its large size, and later it was overturned).

6., after localization, the price is lower than that of Germany or Italy, and the price of imported products is reduced by more than half.