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Product Detail
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Contact band/nickel annealing ring for resistant machines(Niehoff Samp Frigeco Henrich)
Take-up of filter cloth: saham
Adapted work: nickel
Filtering accuracy: Samp ,Niehoff, Frigeco ,Sictra ,Henrich , Syncro , Watson/Kinrei , Zumbach
Filtering mode: Yes
Motor: 360x25x3mm
Thickness of nickel plate: up to 4mm

Nickel annealing band or contact band are used in the annealers of the rod break down and Inter-media drawing machine which fits Frigeco/ Niehoff/ Samp/ Sictra/ Henrich/ Eurodraw and other wire machines,meanwhile, in various dimensions for customer request.

Features of our product:

Material:99.96% nickel
Preformed rings

Extremly fine polished surfaces

(Surface Roughness:Ra 0.2-0.4)

Precision dimensional control,drop in fit.
Excellent roundness
Fast delivery

Production Details:

contact rings3.jpgcontact band1.jpgcontact band2.jpg

Package pictures:

In few quantities,packed in cartons;

In large quantities,packed in wooden case.